Celeste Landry

    Tutora de Matemáticas/Math Tutor
    ​Uni Hill reminds me of my elementary school which was right across the street from my home.  I don't live across the street from Uni Hill now, but my husband works across the street.  My daughters both attended Uni Hill, and in 2007 I was hired to teach the 6th-grade-math class.
    I was born in Paraguay but grew up mostly in Lafayette, Louisiana surrounded by my Cajun relatives.  I’m the oldest of 6 kids.  I’ve taught students from preschool to college and in many places: California, Boston, China, New York, Bahrain, and other schools in Boulder.  In addition to teaching, I like learning, reading, hiking, cycling, playing bridge, understanding our political system, spending time with friends and family, learning about other cultures and languages, and working on cool math problems.