Physical Education

Meet our Physical Education Teacher

Yolanda Perez-Ruiz

Yolanda Perez-Ruiz

Job Title: Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 720-561-2921

BVSD is committed to our students’ well-being at every level. Physical Education is much more than participating in physical activity. It is about learning how to be involved in ways that benefit you most. It is about exploring different opportunities, whether that be team sports, individual sports, or fitness-based activities. It’s about learning the physiology of the body and the impact on the brain and making good choices that lead to a long and healthy life. “Wellness in Action” is the name of our high school comprehensive physical education course, but it is also the mission for Physical Education in Boulder Valley. Classes are designed to teach students about concepts in physical education and to coach them through the various skills needed in a wide variety of activity.

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