Rainbow Press

The Rainbow Press Publishing Program has been a valuable part of University Hill Elementary for more than 40 years. This unique program gives each student a chance to develop their own story and create and publish a unique, hardbound, illustrated book. All aspects of the books are handmade in a collaborative project by the students, the Rainbow Press director, the University Hill faculty and many volunteers.

This program fosters creative writing and artistic skills by encouraging young students to write their own stories and publish them in books. The Rainbow Press also cultivates the students’ self confidence and ability to communicate orally and artistically and through the written word. 

Additionally, University Hill Elementary is one of the most socioeconomically and ethnically diverse public elementary schools in Boulder.  Rainbow Press provides a forum to celebrate that diversity by encouraging students to write in their native language and share that writing with their family, peers and teachers. This important program is immensely popular with the students, faculty and parents of the University Hill community.​